Friday, February 11, 2011

Moral and Political Philosophy Reading Group

The Moral and Political Philosophy Reading Group focuses on foundational readings in moral and political philosophy.

Our primary goal is to give students in the School of Philosophy a broad understanding of ethical theory and related fields. We are currently reading book-length treatments of ethics and political philosophy, with a particularly focus on classics within the field.

For students within CAPPE, the reading group is compulsory, but others within the School are welcome to attend.

Those interested in participating should contact Jonathan Herington (use Outlook look-up for email address)

During the second semester of 2011 we will be meeting at 2:30-3:45pm on Wednesdays, in Seminar Room F of the Coombs Building. The tentative schedule for the first half of teh semester is as follows:

Date Title Chapter Pages
3 Aug What We Owe
to Each Other (TM Scanlon)
Reasons 1-9 (pp. 17-49) 31
10 Aug Reasons 10-14 (pp. 50-77) 27
17 Aug Values (pp. 78-107) 29
24 Aug Well-Being (pp. 108-146) 38
31 Aug Wrongness and Reasons (pp. 147 - 188) 41
7 Sept The Structure of Contractualism 1-6 (pp. 189-218) 29
14 Sept The Structure of Contractualism 7-10 (pp. 218-247) 29
21 Sept Responsibility 1-3 (pp. 248-294) 46
28 Sept Promises (pp. 295-327) 32
5 Oct Relativism (pp. 328-361) 33

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