Monday, August 29, 2011

Evolution Reading Group, meeting 1

The Evolution of Cognition reading group has descended with modification into the Evolution reading group. The theme for a while will be on the recently resurrected debate between dynamical and statistical conceptions of evolution.

We will meet this week at Friday 2 PM in Seminar Room D (just for this week, following weeks will be in Seminar Room E).

The reading is the first chapter "Natural Selection and Fitness" from Massimo Pigliucci & Jonathan Kaplan's Making Sense of Evolution.

Electronic copies of the reading available upon request.

Contact: Stephan Kubicki (stephan.kubicki{at}

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Moral and Political Philosophy - 31 August

The MPP reading group's next meeting will be Wednesday 31 August, to discuss Chapter 3 ("Well-being") of the Scanlon text. It is over 40 pages so we are taking two weeks to read it thoroughly.

So, this week there is no meeting.
Next week there is a meeting at the usual time and place (Seminar Room F, 2:30pm Wednesday)

Jon H