Conveners Please Read

Dear Convener,

Thank you for reading this. As you're aware, there's a plethora of reading groups at the ANU. The purpose of this blog is to make it easy for everyone to keep updated information about reading groups in one central location.

Conveners are asked to make two importantly different kinds of posts on the blog.

1. Create a substantive post, with general information about the reading group. You might consider including information about:
  • what the reading group focuses on,
  • who is in it (and who it is open to - for example what level of familiarity is required or recommended),
  • what typical readings are,
  • what the planned trajectory of the group is,
  • what the usual meeting times and places are.
An excellent substantive post is here.

Please EDIT THIS POST whenever general information about the group changes. Please do not post a new post with general information, as a new general post will not be correctly linked to from the right hand pane.

Soon after you have created such a post, I will link to it from the right hand pane (under 'THE GROUPS').

2. Create a new, short, announcement post for each meeting. Include only basic information, such as meeting time and place, the reading, and perhaps your contact details. It is not a good idea to write out your email address fully. Consider alternatives, like ole dot koksvik at ...

Please create a label, and apply it to each posting in the group. This will allow users to see all the posts in your group in a convenient way. To do this, simply type the label name in the appropriate field (along the bottom border of the window) when creating a post. Please make labels short.

To be able to post, you must be an author of the blog. To be made an author
contact me. You can also contact me with any questions you may have.