About This Blog

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of current reading groups in philosophy at the Australian National University. Which groups are active changes often, so it has previously not been practicable to keep up to date information about the groups available. The blog solves this problem by making each convener of a reading group an author of the blog. The blog was created and is maintained by Ole Koksvik.

You will find two types of posts here.

Substantive Posts
These posts give a full-ish description of the reading group, often including information about the group's focus, what kinds of material is typically read, common meeting times, who can participate, and so on. There are stable links to these posts on the right, under the heading 'ACTIVE GROUPS'.

These posts typically regard one particular meeting of the reading group, giving only basic information, such as time, place, reading, etc.

If you want to see a bunch of posts regarding one reading group you can use the labels. These are also linked on the right.

You can subscribe to posts from this blog, by clicking the link under 'SUBSCRIBE', to the right. If you want to use live bookmarks in Firefox, click on 'view feed XML' on the page where you end up. Note that conveners are of course welcome to send out emails to the philsoc email list as well.

Read more about subscribing here.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome, and new conveners should make contact to be made an author of the blog. Contact details are here.