Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Evolution RG

The next meeting of the Evolution Reading Group is 2.30PM, Friday 5th April in the Benjamin Library, Coombs Building, ANU. 

Over the coming month or so we will be discussing the usefulness of Mayr's proximate-ultimate distinction. We will begin with:

KN Laland, J Odling-Smee, W Hoppitt & T Uller (2012) "More on how and why: cause and effect in biology revisited" Biology and Philosophy 

(NB: the arguments in this paper expand upon those in a paper discussed by the group at an earlier meeting:  KN Laland, K Sterelny, J Odling-Smee, W Hoppitt and T Uller (2011) Cause and effect in biology revisited: Is Mayr's proximate-ultimate dichotomy still useful? Science 334: 1512-1516.)

In future weeks we will move on to discuss the responses to these papers.

Contact: Rachael (rachael.brown{at}anu.edu.au)

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