Sunday, October 10, 2010

Practical Cognition

This is a reading group on knowledge, mind, and action -- "practical cognition", for lack of a better label. Topics include:
  • knowing how
  • skill
  • intelligence
  • capacities
  • abilities
  • etc.
Postgraduates, faculty, and visiting scholars working in all areas are warmly invited to attend.

Our first reading was John Bengson and Marc Moffett's "Two Conceptions of Mind and Action: Knowing How and the Philosophical Theory of Intelligence". Our second reading was John Maier's "The Agentive Modalities" (see also "Abilities"). Future meetings will discuss related issues, including recent and forthcoming work on perception and the capacity to act, rational dispositions, and the putative stakes-sensitivity of knowledge vis-a-vis action. Suggestions for future readings are encouraged; please send ideas to

Meetings are typically held on the tea balcony at 2pm on Fridays. Day/time/place may vary, and meetings may be held weekly, biweekly, or monthly, so stay tuned.


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