Sunday, October 17, 2010

Foundations Seminar on Material Objects

This foundations seminar is open to all ANU graduate students and visiting graduate students. The topic is the metaphysics of material objects, and our focus will be the various pressures (vagueness, causation, arbitrariness, coincidence) that have led many metaphysicians to accept what seem to be radically revisionary conceptions of which kinds of material objects there are.
Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 2pm, from Oct 19 to Nov 23 (inclusive)
Location: Seminar Room C
Contact: Dan Korman, dzkorman at gmail dot com
The tentative reading list is: Lewis’s “Many, But Almost One”, van Inwagen’s “The Doctrine of Arbitrary Undetached Parts”, Sosa’s “Existential Relativity”, Sider’s “The Argument from Vagueness”, Merricks’s “Epiphenomenalism and Eliminativism”, and Thomasson’s “Realism about Human Kinds”.

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