Monday, October 10, 2011

Foundations meeting: Tuesday October 11, 12 noon

Meeting of the foundations reading group, students only.

Where: Benjamin Library
When: Tuesday October 11, 12 noon - 2pm

The group read two chapters (Chs. 1&7) from Cappelen & Lepore's Insensitive Semantics.

Ch.1 will give you a nice overview of the way C&L lay out the debate over contextualisms.
Ch. 7. is the material to focus on. C&L offer three tests for context sensitivity and maintain that virtually no expressions beyond the most obvious indexicals, pronouns, and demonstratives pass the tests.
What's nice about this from our perspective is that C&L are looking at the whole range of debates over contextualisms (and not approaching each individual expression piecemeal), offering fairly clear tests, and also coming to a *very very extreme* conclusion (all in an entertainingly opinionated way)!

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