Sunday, April 10, 2011

Evolution of Cognition reading group, meeting 8

The next meeting of the Evolution of Cognition reading group is Friday 15th April, 2:30 PM, Seminar Rm F.

The reading is chapter 9, "Generalizing Signaling Games: Synonyms, Bottlenecks, Category Formation", from Brian Skyrms' Signals. Useful additional reading on this material is Donaldson, Lachmann, Bergstrom (2007), "The evolution of functionally referential meaning in a structured world," Journal of Theoretical Biology 246: 225–233

Electronic copies of both texts are available upon request.

The group will be taking a break for a couple of weeks after that. We'll probably resume on Friday 6th May.

Contact: Stephan Kubicki (stephan.kubicki{at}

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